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Signs of aging are imprinted on our bodies. Around the age of 50, women experience menopause. Menstruation stops, the ovaries atrophy, the production of eggs and hormones stops. Hot flashes, less elastic skin, bone resorption, mood disorders can result. In older men, the most discrete andropause appears gradually, causing loss of muscle mass, fatigue, mood changes, and erectile dysfunction. Steroids can be sexual and stimulate the development of sexual traits. That is why we are here to help you to supply the best supplements will help you in giving everything you want.

On the men’s side, the proposed treatments like testosterone ointments, besides the side effects on the patients (aggressiveness, cardiovascular disorders and many more and caused strange collateral damage: children, in contact with their grandfather’s skin, developed early puberty. It is now known that excessive doses of testosterone, in the case of doping, for example, cause behavioral disorders, infertility, sexual impotence, and cancers. The hormonal balance is delicate and its breakdown can have serious consequences, due to lack or excess.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone of the steroid family. It is made by the gonads, that is, the testicles for men and the ovaries for women. Because yes, although it is less often talked about, women also produce testosterone, in a much smaller amount (women produce on average seven times less than men). In man, it is the main sex hormone and therefore plays a role in well-being and sexuality. It has several health effects: decreased or increased blood cell production, changes in energy and tone, etc. finally, testosterone in its embryonic state is responsible for the good development of male sexual organs.

Why testosterone is important for men?

Testosterone is a sex hormone, or “sex steroid”, of the androgen family. His production stops at birth and then resumes at puberty. It does have a role in the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics (hairiness, voice change, penis enlargement, etc.). Testosterone also influences spermatogenesis, sperm production in the testes. As an adult, testosterone influences daily behavior. It can, for example, reduce feelings of stress or modulate our reactions and moods. Testosterone is thought to be associated with dominant, competitive, and even aggressive behaviors. Finally, it stimulates protein production and accelerates muscle development. This is why some athletes are attracted to the use of synthetic male hormones.

The place of male hormones in sexuality

In men, testosterone is the main sex hormone. It, therefore, has a strong influence on sexuality and the physiological functions related to the erection, ejaculation, etc. In men, we called it as “libido hormone”. Indeed, it has a strong influence on sexual desire and appetite, as well as on erectile functions. It is especially it that allows having repeated and lasting erections. For example, if you are in good health and feel a decrease in libido or sexual performance, or if you have repeated the breakdowns, a lack of testosterone may be the cause. In this case, a medically monitored hormonal treatment may be offered.

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